Entrepreneurs Evolution
Entrepreneur's Evolution

Entrepreneurs’ Evolution Masterclass is for accomplished business owners, thought leaders and entrepreneurs who want to set up for success in 2017, and play an elevated game.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. 
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
– R. Buckminster Fuller

4 Days of Evolution








The world wants you to think that success is merely financial. We’re shattering this untruth by revealing to you the powerful space where your heart and soul connects with your business vision. It is ultimately you, the participant in this event, that’ll leave empowered to make the new models in your business and make the old ones obsolete.

This event is designed so that you achieve results before you walk out the door. Leave with a working blueprint to scale your business, accelerate your team, increase profits and capital value.

Most importantly, leave with a new way of thinking where you’ll be the one with the courage to redefine what ultimate success means in this world.

And when the time is right, you can feel it. Only a few will be able to access Donna now and as VIPs in the coming year.

If you’re ready to up-level your life and business for 2017, secure your place now.

Join Donna Izobella and her special guest mentor for an action-packed 2 days. At this event you can expect to leave with:

  • Your vision for 2017 clearly defined and mapped out.
  • A business model which serves the marketplace at its highest value.
  • Tailored strategies, right for your business, right now.
  • How to develop your high performing team.
  • A blueprint to kickstart or improve your digital marketing strategy.
  • A step by step guide to audit, monitor and optimise your online reputation.
  • A KPI framework that will drive actions through key insights.
  • Templates and tools to synchronise and set a rhythm for you and your business.
  • The added fuel and support to keep you hitting milestones long after the event.

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The Entrepreneurs' Evolution Framework


All humans leave imprints. Legends leave legacies. Ignite the spark of your future legacy and illuminate the path for this to be realised. Know the purpose behind the existence of your business and what you do, then align your actions with that purpose to live a more elevated life right now.

We step you through how to powerfully access this.


How do your life and business interrelate with each other? Can you achieve ultimate success in all facets of your life? As the author of your destiny, the power is in your hands. Gain clarity of vision and form a deep connection with your greatest desires across all 6 sectors of life. Ensure that your daily thoughts, feelings and actions are congruent and actively fulfilling those desires and dreams.

You will create a clear Vision map that spans your coming year.


Having a business model and ecosystem of products which is sustainable is very important. Yet having a model and system that can evolve is critical for survival and success. Most businesses leave huge amounts of value on the table, hidden and undelivered to the marketplace. Instead, expand globally, enter a new market, innovate a new product or add a new business to your mix. Precision is key. Right-action is imperative.

You will identify key strategies to propel your business forward.


Profitability is increased through intelligent and tactical leverage. The timing on when to change or implement systems and processes must be calculated carefully to ensure the desired ROI is obtained. Understanding ‘how’ to get the most of your time, money, people and partnerships will increase the value you deliver – both internally and externally.

Key leverage tactics will be identified and prioritised for your business.


Great people make great teams, and great teams make great companies. Successful companies live by this mantra, and create an environment where everyone is strategically positioned according to their best talents in order to enable the mastery of “flow” of value and performance. Using world-class tools and proven frameworks, we decode the DNA of high performing teams.

You will learn how to harness flow for optimal results.


No longer is business intelligence enough. Self aware leaders and entrepreneurs are blazing new paths. They push humanity forward and revolutionise the way business is done. They bust through obstacles and transcend the patterns of behaviour which keep many others at a standstill when confronted with difficulty. Change perceptions, elevate perspectives and dare to deeply understand the power of who we really are and what is possible.

You will learn how to connect the power in consciousness with business.

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Donna Izobella

Donna Izobella

Founder of LIVE IT UP 360
SME Business Strategist
Master Trainer of Wealth & Talent Dynamics

An entrepreneur, educator, consciousness and personal performance mentor. Devoted to your ultimate success in life + business. Having mentored hundreds of companies and thousands of people, she’ll teach participants the LIVE IT UP systems for life elevation and business expansion.

Founder of DigiTools (Italy)
CMO at Digital Billions (Singapore)
Digital Marketing Strategistst

With over 15 years of expertise in the digital marketing arena, Paolo brings a deep wealth of knowledge to our Masterclass. He’ll teach the critical elements and best practices required to build a solid brand reputation online, as well as a digital ecosystem, from brand awareness all the way through to conversion

Entrepreneurs evolution masterclass


Business Models
Growth Strategies
Digital Marketing Plan

Evening: Networking Dinner


Team Performance
Leverage Strategies
Online Reputation
Marketing KPI
Mastermind & Hot Seats


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Client Testimonials


I would never have had the confidence to go out in the world and do trade in China and India but you showed me it could be done. This venture has been the best thing in the world.

Karen Bazzan
Director of Stirling Homes Qld | HH Equestrian | Hampton & Harlow


While there are many businesses coaches, Donna has a very unusual combination of real business experience, straight talking manner and also understanding of holistic skills to address deeper, more complex issues.

Chandresh Pala
CEO of Cohezia.com


Donna may not even be aware of just the impact she had on me. Not just in helping to bring my mindset & business together, but really drilling down into what I really want & clarifying my vision & pushing me to thrive!

LeahMarie Ritz
Founder of Infinity Marketing

Terry Billington

Donna supporting me both personally and my business growth has allowed me to absolutely love what I do and double my income in such a short period of time. Donna’s support will take you to even greater heights.

Terri Billington – TCB
Business Coach / Trainer

Accelerate your entrepreneurial evolution. Be empowered with the lasting support and energy to expand your business and elevate your life in 2017.

Leave with a Vision Map which provides laser-sharp clarity and focus for the coming year, as well as the ideal strategies in place to ensure the most profitable decisions are always made. Know the key leverage tactics required to supercharge your time, money, people and partnerships, and be confident to back it all up with a high-performance team.

And at the heart of what we do at Live It Up, leave with the power of connecting consciousness with business, enabling you to continue evolving, to achieve new measure of financial success and play at an elevated level in life and business.

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This event only happens once year in each location. Keep in touch to hear about when it’s next in a location near you. Email us to subscribe.

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